Resources for Mental Health Illnesses

Links to other websites

I have included links to media interviews and stories I’ve submitted based on my mental illness and helping others. Simply click on the bold text to be taken to the links below.

My Website for the Inca Trail Trek – Visit my website which is dedicated to the Inca Trail adventure I undertook on behalf of the Leukaemia Foundation back in May of 2016. You can see recounts of the trail along with pictures.

My interview for the Voice On Fire Series with Terri Mitchell – An interview I took part in back in May of 2020 discussing Mental Health and some of the ways in which I’ve managed to keep on top of my mental health. Well worth having a watch.

My interview with Tess from Write to Heal on Instagram – An interview with Tess from Write to Heal on September 25 discussed mental health illnesses

My interview for Yahoo News on Mental Health in Children – This interview was based on the ‘Most Critical Question’ I asked when confronted with a suicidal daughter. I’m happy to announce that since this interview my daughter is feeling much better and that makes me very happy.

My story which is featured in NIB Journal – My story was featured in the NIB Journal along with a number of other stories from others who suffer from mental illness as well. Very interesting read. Click the link and on the page, click the Mental Health Issue button on the right side of the screen

Mental Health Resources for Australia

In this section, you can find a template for a mental health crisis plan as well as a list of the counselling services available in Australia.

This is by no means a complete list of every single service available, so make sure you also do your own research.

When filling out the plan, it helps to have the counselling services list open as well so you can select the service that best suits your needs and put it into your plan.

Links to Mental Health Websites

Mental Health Online – An initiative of Swinburne University’s National eTherapy Centre and funded by Australia’s Federal Department of Health, offers free online mental health services and programs. Users can access self-assessment tools, self-help resources, and professional support to better understand and address their mental health needs. By providing these services at no cost, Mental Health Online ensures that mental health care is accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Head to Health – is an Australian government initiative that provides a digital platform connecting individuals with trusted mental health resources and services. The website offers access to a variety of evidence-based resources, including apps, online programs, websites, and phone services for diverse mental health concerns. Users can search for tailored support based on their needs, preferences, and situations. Committed to confidentiality, Head to Health ensures user privacy and secure handling of personal information, ultimately aiming to improve mental health outcomes in Australia.

Mental Health Crisis Plan

Template – Download and fill out and keep in an accessible location

Mental Health Counselling Services

Click here to download a list of important counselling services provided by external support organisations.

General Mental Health Resources

List of Different Anti-Depressant Medications and their categories

Table of medications courtesy of

List of Different Anti-Psychotics and Risk of Weight Gain

Table of medications courtesy of