The Sleeping Black Dog Has Re-awoken

Introduction Arrgghh. I wish it weren't so, but for the last week or so I've felt very down and out. My depression comes in waves, sometimes I'm working at full speed, and you would wonder if there was anything wrong at all. Then other times it's all I can do [...]

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Me

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Me Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is defined when the sufferer has good mental health for most of the year but had depressive symptoms around the same time each year. This is generally in line with changes to the seasons, normally autumn or winter. The theory behind [...]

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COVID-19 and Mental Health

COVID-19 and Mental Health Introduction So it's been a few weeks since our government here in Australia instituted self-isolation and lockdown for us citizens. Not that we are alone in this world, many other countries experiencing the Corona (COVID-19) virus have also done the same and in some cases, even [...]

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Australian Bushfires and Mental Health

I was reading an interesting article published by the Sydney Morning Herald which states the Federal Government will inject $76 million into emergency mental health services for those communities which have been affected by the unprecedented Bush Fires in Australia. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has pointed out that the widespread [...]

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Recognising Holiday Depression This Christmas

Thought to be a time of great joy and celebration, in between the numerous parties, gatherings and the good old Christmas shopping rush, the holidays can often feel like a dark time for so many people who suffer from depression and seasonal depression. While 1 in 7 Australians and 1 [...]

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